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Love & Light Uplifting Aura Spray 30ml


LOVE & LIGHT AURA SPRAY – Love & Light 30ml

  • Use to connect into your self love
  • Lightens your mood while accessing higher vibrations
  • Also for using while connecting into the realms while meditating and bringing in high vibration energies.
  • Best used in conjunction with the Love & Light Artwork. 

Directions: Misting AURA Spray – Two to 3 sprays above your head. Can be used 3-4 times per day. Used daily and consistently, over a prolonged period the emotional upliftment will be anchored into the energetic field.

Blended using the High Vibration doTERRA Oils.

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Ascension Oil Blends for meditation by Galactic Artist and Wayshower Michele Courage

Love & Light - Blended with High Vibration Essential Oils by Michele for everyday use to lift your mood or meditating. Best used in conjuction with the Love & Light Artwork and Meditation.

These high vibration doTERRA Oils have been selected using meditation, channeling and dowsing for the right oils and amounts used in my blends:

Citrus Bliss - uplifting, stress reducing and energizing

Zendocrine - Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing, Clarity and clearing

Peppermint - Healing and refreshing

Intune -  Focus, foundation and attention

Myrrh - Emotional balance and wellbeing

Lime - Balances, stimulates and energizes

Bergamot - Uplifting and calming

Directions: Misting Spray - Two to 3 sprays above your head before or in a room or when meditating

Also available: Roll On - Roll onto skin in a clockwise direction (circle) ie: palms, neck wrists, temples or upper chest. Bath Salts for use in baths and foot baths.

Cautions: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Not to be taken internally.

Blended using the High Vibration doTERRA Oils.


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