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Light Encoded Art for the Soul

Soul Encoded Large Artworks 

(Art Commissions)

I create large bespoke art for people who want to tune into a constant reminder for their SOUL to move into Soul Path Alignment and have a beautiful abstract art piece on their wall to act as a portal.  I create artworks that literally speak to you from the other side – they exude collaborative Galactic energies. Through my use of colour, and channeled Galactic connections, I create a visual Blueprint or Soul Map. 

It is my honour to inspire healing and bring these higher vibration frequencies through for you. Each artwork acts like a subconscious roadmap reminding and correcting you to live a more Soul Aligned life. These artworks are attuned for you to align into your higher purpose and BEST LIFE by constantly emitting vibration Soul Codes which are unique to you – like a Blueprint or Soul Map. 

I create art portals for you to access light encoded energy for higher timelines

How to commission an artwork

Commercial and personal spaces

Before I do a personal commissioned artwork I prefer we do a SOUL CODE Session (first session) this will help me and you to tune into your highest alignment to prepare and upgrade you for the specific coding downloads for your painting. For a commission involving a commercial space we discuss exactly what type of energetic vibration you want this painting to emit. We discuss colouring, size etc and you can send me pictures of your space etc.

Commissioned work starts at NZ$1750.00 for a minimum size artwork is 800 x 800mm / 30 x 30 inch

 Consultations + 90 min SOUL CODE session included

Your choice: Canvas OR Fabriano paper (suitable for conventional framing)

I work with a 40% non-refundable deposit and am happy to work out payment plans 

Shipping / Postage not included in the price

Worldwide Shipping in a tube

Shipping Stretched vs Unstretched Canvases

  • I now ship all of my larger work unstretched. This means the piece is rolled up lovingly and shipped in a strong cardboard tube. (Stretched canvas delivered in NZ only)
  • Unstretched canvas can be shipped directly to your local framers, where they will do the job for you! All you have to do is choose whether to pick it up yourself (if you have a large vehicle) or have it delivered to your door (All of this will be included in your shipping costs)

If you are interested in a commissioned artwork please contact me directly via MESSENGER or email, I do not sell through art galleries.

If you would like to view work which is available click HERE

A beautiful ARTWORK hanging in your home which speaks to you from the other side – Each of these unique artworks will bring through extra sensory vibrations and downloads that are specific to the New Earth Energy and support individuals on their Soul Journey.  These Soul Vibration Light Encoded artworks act as a powerful doorway to eneable a more rapid ascention into the 5th dimention of love and light

I have artworks hanging in private collections throughout the world from Johannesburg and Cape Town, to New York, Washington, Ierland, San Paulo, Canada, London, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Your painting is truly terrific and proudly hangs in our family room. Visitors to our home comment very favorably when they see it and you really have left a lasting impression, certainly in our home, with your terrific work. Keep your paintings coming, Michele, the one you did for us was exceptional.  Irving Schlosberg – Specialist Music Industry and Business Management Consultant/ Freelance Writer

“My art is intuitively connected to my spirituality and reflects my passionate nature, revealing an insight into my ability to channel specific colours and energetic Soul Codes and then transfer these onto the canvas. I have been channeling colours and codework onto artwork for a number of years now and have in the past few years started mastering my gifts and understanding the transformative power they have. I now also offer energy healing from my studio – resetting and re-imprinting your Soul Codes into your energetic field.” – Michele

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