Ok, so I have been wanting to come out of the ‘spiritual’ closet for a while now. To let people know about this amazing vibrational energy I have been working with and exploring, using and just basking in. But now I am really ready to share this amazing ‘activation’ with others as well.

At first I was not sure how I was going to share this as I have always felt that I would like to give this freely as I really want and need to share this. But as I have recently realised, there definitely needs to be some sort or ‘energy’ exchange for this work that I am able to do. I have wrestled with this concept and have finally found my answer. I am able, using my advertising background, to create a wide range of vibrational products using my artworks for images and inspiration. So I realised that I could do my ‘energy’ work and offer this to a wide range of people because my price points are so varied on my product range. So, the exchange is that you would purchase intuitively from my range of products in exchange for the activational healing energy which you receive. For me, this exchange makes my heart sing.

In a session we would ideally just hang out over a cuppa and chat after a short meditation and the energy activation. I find that this energy is so powerful it really takes a short while of physical touch and then continues streaming through me while we chat. With this new energy there is no need to do the ‘healing’ the old way of working for an hour on points on the body. With the higher vibrational energy once it is activated in a person it is free flowing and the person needs to keep working on that free flow by practicing and leading a consciously spiritual life of intention.

The session can last up to 90mins as we normally start chatting about the juicy stuff that encompasses the universe and all that it encompasses and how we can truly align ourselves with our sould path for this lifetime. I have explored the Akashic Records and galactic travels amongst other things, so I love conscious chats. I always intuitively feel my way through questions which arise and always trust my guidance. Ultimately I want to give you tools to tap into your higher self for your own guidance. This is done through mediation, stillness and spiritual work. The feedback I am getting is that there are shifts and downloads happening for a person during and for a while after. It is almost like a veil is lifted and more clarity and a clearer sense of purpose happens. I feel honoured to be able to facilitate this for anyone who wants to activate and expand expand their spiritual awakening and growth.

Have a cuppa with me! @ COURAGE CAFE