Working with DRAGON ENERGY takes COURAGE.

I so often get asked “what is a Dragon Clearing?” and “is it for me?”

And it’s a tricky question in all honesty. Many times it depends where you are on our journey.

A Dragon Clearing is all about inviting an energy in to start the process within our energetic frequency of stripping out stagnant, stuck, non serving energies/implants/programming deep in your system.  Helping to release those energies that are not serving you and which are holding you back. Of going past the surface distractions to be shown what REALLY needs action. 

The Intro to Dragon Energy course I have done is for people who are used to doing self work, used to dealing with Shadow and not looking for anything light or fluffy. You have put the work in – and it shows. Harnessing the full Dragon Energy is super powerful, sometimes not gentle and helps you to move and shift energy faster within and for others around you or for earth work etc. It is one of my most valuable tools I have worked with. It has been compared to being hit by a train for several days while your system adjusts to the shift. Hence why it’s not for everyone. And specifically can be more intense if you haven’t worked with Dragon Energy before.

If you commit to working with this energy it doesn’t sugar coat. And will make you face all of it head on, making you take responsibility for your own energy. The stuff you need to clear to move into your next timeline comes up to be dealt with and finally cleared.

It can be startling what can come up. Be it past life situations, planted programming, entanglement with others energies and more.

Another reason why you have to use your discernment to ask if it is for you or not. I personally found it super exciting in the beginning to start working with these energies but I was super respectful of their power.

I have now offered my online 4 week Intro to Dragon Energy – specifically designed to be used over 4 weeks as I feel that it is a more gentler way of working with this powerful energy.

There is a general introduction and then in the first module I introduce one Dragon energy and my advice is to gently work on adjusting to the frequency and to spread it out over 7 days. That way the intensity gets dialled down and you are continuously asked to feel into that energy. This process makes it easier to integrate and easier to introduce into your own energetic aura and frequency.

Over 4 weeks your connections build on a gentler level suitable for everyone.

Each Module comprises of an introduction and then attunement/guided meditation on day 1. Which can be repeated throughout the week if you so wish.

Attuning to these energies will force you to look at stuff you may have been avoiding so stretched over 7 days helps the integration as well as getting to recognise when this energy presents itself to you to be used in our daily situations.


Remember we are working through our higher souls and its wishes for this lifetime. That way whatever needs to come in will do just that, so the fixation on the idea of a Dragon is one I discourage. It is afterall just a specific energy frequency which we can attune to for Galactic guidance and use. 

Still interested?

Ok the important bit – the price – priceless at NZ$111.00