I recently launched my DRAGON ENERGY course!

  • Are you curious about DRAGON ENERGY and how this energy can help you to shift and clear energy fields and frequencies?
  • How you can use as this to do planetary service work?
  • Are you curious about Galactic energies ?
  • Have you been attracted to or always been facinated by Dragons?
  • Want to deepen your spiritual understanding and knowlege?

ONLINE COURSE | WORKING WITH DRAGON ENERGY – (9 Modules done preferably over 4 weeks)

Now it is possible to work with Dragon energy without leaving your home. This Level 1 course in a convenient online format – allows you to complete it from anywhere in the world in your own time. (Preferably over 4 weeks). Dragons are one of the most powerful symbols in the history of humanity – NOW they can become YOUR most powerful ally!

This is a practical and hands on course where you will get powerful life changing information, guided meditations and at the same time experience the Transformational, Deep Healing, Strength, Personal Empowerment and Self-Confidence from working with Dragon Energies.

When you work in partnership and use Dragon energies you will learn how to raise your vibration and use this powerful energy to help do planetary work too. Using the information and activation received from each Dragon, you can overcome and transform your life, improve your well being and the energy of the environments where you live and work and more. The Dragons will assist you in reaching your highest potential as a co-creator for both your highest good and the that of all beings and the planet.

The Dragons are here to help support us here on earth to become embodied light, to live a fulfilling and most joyful life and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap into the magic. Dragon energy is very similar in vibration to that of the Angelic realm, and although this is a powerful energy, it is also one that is full of love and peace. Dragons can be a tremendous support for transformation and manifestation if you allow yourself to receive their help. Sometimes we need the most assistance in simply getting out of our own way. We need to dissolve the patterns that have built up over the years. Once these are cleared, we are free to dance our magic and to shine our light out brightly and fiercely and joyfully.

Power is Love; Divine Source Love is the true Power.  This is the frequency that Dragons actually hold in their beings –  a ferocious gentleness and a loving, uplifting frequency of true freedom and unlimited love. We just need a little help from our friends, in all dimensions, along the way.

In this Introductory Course: Attune to these 4 Dragon energies

  • Earth Dragon – Grounding and removing obstacles
  • Fire Dragon – Clearing
  • Water Dragon – Creating flow in your world
  • Air Dragon – Opening up and activating your truth and your voice

And you will learn to –

  • Send Energetic Help to Others in Need – Replace feeling helpless with learning how to remotely send help to anyone worldwide
  • Heal Yourself, Your Past & Your Life – Empower yourself by co-creating healing solutions – first for yourself and then for others
  • Cleansing and Clearing – Clear and cleanse energy around you, for others under buildings, earth etc
  • Co-Create Better Solutions – Learn how to work with the Dragons and create more equitable solutions in your life
  • Seek Effective Higher Guidance – Learn how to consult the Dragons to hear your own inner guidance in daily life

Our bodies also know that they were designed to hold our light and our magic. With loving support from Galactic energy healer Michele Courage, dragon energy and your dragon guides, you can hold this frequency too!

FIND this course on my website michelecourage.com/courses

The course is delivered via video modules that you can watch any time. There are 9 modules each about an 30mins long. My recomendation is to watch one module per week so you take the time to impliment the learning and work with that dragon. As soon as you purchase you will have access to the course website via your password