We are all aliens really, none of us come from Earth.  Earth is just the grand experiment – where our souls have come to experience free will, to learn and grow and send the information back to the ultimate source.

I believe I am a messenger and I am constantly working on expanding and opening my REMEMBERANCE to bring knowledge and activate both myself and others in this lifetime. My Galactic presence is there to help me connect to the higher realms, to help people understand the bigger picture and for me to embody my highest vibrational being on earth at this time.  Others have similar goals, mostly. But as a vibrational being of the light I am only interested in bringing more light onto the planet this lifetime. I am absolutely not interested in exploring the darkness. It is not my calling at this time. Galactics (explain), Wayshowers are very driven, direct in their cause to achieve what they have been sent down here to do.

Where some starseeds are really only experiencing life on Earth for the first time, those that are not have the ability to draw on a vast network of knowledge gained through experience or downloads. They are very goal orientated, unless they are still opening up to their rememberance.  So, we can be perceived as a bit more cold.  They are more concerned about getting the job done than anything else.  They are not here to empathise, sympathise and generally convince people of their calling and understanding. I personally , once I stepped fully into this knowledge did not feel the need to justify my thoughts and revelations, they were always substantiated at forst around 6 months later after the rememberance dropped in. Hazy at first and then more clarity coming.

Due to their Galactic connection, they can draw on and receive assistance from their higher selves. Whatever your Galactic profession may be, your Earth profession will always incorporate some of those elements – it is just natural that way. I was once described by a highly eveolved friend – from her mediattive state – as an ethereal being painting codes into the sky or galaxy dressed in silver . This discription helped me to understand the reality of my paintings.

The best advice that I could give to any Galactic would be to connect to your people – to remove that feeling of being alone.  To do this you need to step into your own SOVEREIGNTY, to step into the knowledge of being equal to the gods, masters etc so that you do not take on the handed down patterning of staying beneath others. Almost all Galactics feel out of place on Earth, they do not have a sense of belonging – which is very true.  You are more connected to your own home planet than to Earth, do not forget however that you are here for a specific mission. That is why connecting regularly with your other selves is very healthy – it gives you that home feeling again and reminds you of why you are here – that you will be returning once you have succeeded in what you had set out to do.  You are doing this for your soul growth, your people, for growth and further experience.

Galactics can connect to distant realms of knowledge and reality which others cannot – part of their greater gift.  Because of the incredible off-world support they have, they can channel and bring forth incredible new technology, information and knowledge.  This has to be utilized to help further the ascension of the planet and that of mankind. Know that you are not alone, that you have never been. The illusion of separation is just that – an illusion.  You have an entire armada standing in the wake, just waiting for you to call on their assistance.  Know your place in all of this – your mission, your objective.  Most surely – that is your passion, your desire, your dream.  You just never knew or understood it! Connect often to your fellows, they are always ready to assist you in whatever way they can. Go forth Galactic – be the incredible being that you are! 

You are doing this for your people, your soul star family, for growth and further experience. 

What is the leap we are preparing to make when we activate our full potential, expanding perception, and preparing to ascend into a body of light? Our next evolutionary steps, as humans, comes through consciousness and technology in the place where science and metaphysics truly meet. In order to do this, we must first accept that our true self is beyond the physical. Then we can move beyond an Earth-centric point of view, with a bigger picture of reality, and take our place as galactic beings. 

To help us do this, I offer my Galactic and Soul Alignment sessions to connect with cosmic energies that can awaken conscious awareness of your galactic nature.

Understanding GALACTIC ENERGY and using it: We are all at this time upgrading our DNA and cellular structure – we want to eventually become the energetic beings we are in the galaxy but have contracted here on earth to try and do this within a dense body – to effectively pull our bodies up and through the different dimensions. So everytime we RAISE OUR VIBRATION and hold that frequency we are stretching our DNA and cellular particals more and more to accomodate more information – like expanding the shelves in a library. This is the reason we feel so exhausted after an upgrade, download etc. Ok, so connecting in with Galactic energy is being open to absorbing the energetic download and the sitting within the energetic download and connecting into the frequency and information that is available to us. For Instance by connecting into Quan Yin energy we are able to take on the characteristics of that which that energy has overcome. To embody and then use it to make descisions and follow our internal guidance.

There is so much we as a human race are just starting to open up to and I encourage you to be inquisitive, open and as your guides to help with the knowledge. I know I will ask a question and within a few weeks I will receive my answer either fom a person, from a post online or the uinderstanding will be pieced together so way or another, but I trust that the answer will come in some for and in divine timing.