Dragons are legendary creatures in myth, lore, tradition, religion and spirituality. They represent transformation, wisdom, ancient knowledge, magic, mysticism, spiritual power and protection.

The dragons will take you on a powerful healing journey. Working with them brings forth wisdom and knowledge in order to clear the path ahead for you so you can move through your ascension, or any time of difficulty in your life with their assistance.

You can learn to use and activate Dragon energy to transmute, clear and instill higher vibrational frequencies. You will then be able to help not only yourself but friends, family, clients and do planetary service work to resolve and transend all to a higher evolutionary existence to help anchor in the new 5D earth. Using this energy is a fabulous tool for further soul expansion and upliftment if you want to take the next step on your spiritual journey.

Dragons are respected and revered in many cultures around the world and have an important role for lightworkers at this time on Earth. They are the most powerful I have encountered so far for use in clearing and ascension help. Culturally they are representatives of the serpentine energies of transformation, new beginnings and ancient wisdom.

They are governed by the elements they are tied too so there are many different types of Dragons within the Elemental Kingdom as well as those in the etheric realms who can be connected with also. At present I am working with Archangels and Masters and their working Dragons. Each Archangel and Master would use Dragon energies to do work for them as they are able to slip in and out of the dimensions easily. It is also really difficult for a 9th dimensional being to drop into and down to our 3D level, we have to raise our vibration and they have to significantly lower theirs, therefore they call on the Dragons to do their work.

When I first became aware of Dragons I felt naturally attuned to them and felt no fear or mistrust at all. I have subsequently seen too many changes and shifts within myself and others to not truly be moved and convinced of their power. As the Dragon represents the power and the transformational energies of the Elemental Kingdom it requires to be respected and revered. Working with Dragons is not for the lighthearted! Dragon energy can be addictive so my advice is if you are calling them into your meditations and healings start off gently and give yourself breaks from them so your energy field can adjust to the changes and shifts they are bringing in for you. Which is why I recommend working with one dragon per week in my courses.

Many lightworkers are finding they have Guardian Dragons that are making themselves known at this time of great spiritual change on the planet because they are offering their wisdom, knowledge and guidance to help us as souls evolve. I also have a personal Dragon who revealed itself to me while I was on a trip to Bali and this dragon is my personal ‘go to’ dragon, specifically for when I am dealing with emotional blocks within this lifetime – but as I learn more and more about all the many other powerful dragon energies available to us I feel the need to share this Galactic knowledge. Each time I work with a new dragon I feel my vibration is raised even further.

If you are new to working with dragons, my online course INTRO TO DRAGON ENERGY is a good introduction for you as you learn to work with 4 Dragon energies and their roles that they can perform to assist you at this time.

Join me on an ascension journey and learn to work with these powerful Celestial Beings.